January, 2014

Captain…I canee hold it, the speed is breaking it up..

Sorry, for those who have never watched Star Trek, I think you may still understand the sentiment… I wrote in the last blog that is was only the 16th January and It had been very very intense… Well Friday came …

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Sorry, for those who have never watched Star Trek, I think you may still understand the sentiment…

I wrote in the last blog that is was only the 16th January and It had been very very intense…

Well Friday came upon us and Mistress and Baby spoke,  it was going to be a weekend with all the kids so we both knew that our scope for play would be limited.

Friday night I cooked dinner and straight after dinner Mistress took me upstairs, told me to remove my pants and trousers and lay on the bed on my back, Mistress fetched a fresh diaper from the cupboard and told me to lift up my bottom.  She then lifted my shirt and started to flick her tongue across my nipples and started to stroke my weenie.  My weenie became hard very quickly and quickly I could feel the build up of the pressure in my balls and groin, it didnt take long for me to beg Mistress to stop, and Mistress did.  Mistress talced my weenie and balls and then pulled the diaper tight before slidding my locking pants up around my waist and locking them tight.  Then dig in my legs so you know you are wearing them.  Mistress allowed me to drink wine, so it was not long before my diaper was soaked and bed time was upon us.   The diaper was removed and Mistress progressed to tease the life out of my poor weenie, every time I was close Mistress stopped and then start again.   Mistress told me to lay on my back and applied a new diaper and then my blue onsie. And told me to laydown for milk.  I think I am repeating myself but the bottle is massive (14oz of milk).  As I laid drinking my milk I was allowed to play with Mistress and her lovely breasts.  It was not long before the milk was disappearing and Mistress was moaning and groaning with pleasure.

Early Saturday morning I awoke with the urge to wee, I still can’t wee like a baby, I wish I could, but I have to stand up and have a wee.  So I climbed out of bed and had a wee, the diaper was soaked. I climbed back into bed and tried to sleep, It wasnt long before Mistress was awake and told me to go and make some baby porridge and boil the kettle for milk and Mistresses tea.  I walked downstairs with my soggy diaper and made Mistresses tea and was allowed to make one for myself in my sippy cup.  When I came back up Mistress made my bottle, but I was in trouble.  The bed had a wet mark on it, my romper was soaked.    Mistress told me off.  I was told to take my diaper off and lay on the bed, Mistress told me to roll on my side and smacked my bottom.

“You are a bad baby”
“Yes Mistress”
“You dont wet the bed”
“Yes Mistress”

With my cheeks gently throbbing it was time for milk and porridge a fresh diaper, and then back into the locking pants. For the day!    I had some shopping to do and Mistress was painting and I had not had a poopoo either.  I was standing in an electrical store with the overwhelming desire to wee, it happened. The diaper was wet, I prayed it wasnt leaking.  I got back in the car and sat in my wet diaper and drove home.  I told Mistress when I was back and we talked about how I felt.

“Mistress  do I have to come on the 28th February?”
“No, Its up to Mistress, and If I had my way you would never come again”
“Thank you Mistress, I dont want to come, I love feeling like this denied and excited, please dont make me come I could stay like this forever”

The words tumbled out of my mouth, what was I saying, never to orgasm again?

“It used to bother me that when I was baby I got excited and wanted to be like this, but now I know it is right”
“You are a baby, you need to accept what you are”
“Yes Mistress you are right, I know when you tease me and talk to me about baby things when I am not baby that my cock twinges and my heart races faster, I know I am a baby”
“That is good then, as remember babies dont come”
“Yes Mistress”

Mistress changed my diaper and more teasing, each time I have a diaper change Mistress ensures that an erect weenie goes back in the diaper.  This leaves me very frustrated. The soft diaper an erect weenie and no where to go.  The locking pants were not put back on, just a pair of plastic pants and we settled down for a nice Saturday evening.  Saturday evening the kids watched a film downstairs so Mistress and baby could have a good kiss and a cuddle on the sofa.  Mistress has a very sensual mouth and her kisses made my weenie throb hard in its nappy.   We went to bed with milk for the baby, a clean nappy, new plastic pants and Mistresses favourite T-shirt she bought me. It says

“I love my wet nappies”  (in pink)

The morning came and I had the urge to wee, so I climbed out and had a wee and fell back to sleep, we both got awoken by out son bursting through the bedroom door shouting

“Harriet (this hamster) has escaped” and he ran off.

We both jumped out of bed and I removed my sodden diaper my t-shirt and plastic pants and we searched for the hamster.  After half an hour of hunting she was found and I went back tot the bedroom and Mistress followed with tea.  We drank our tea and Mistress gently licked my nipples and my weenie went hard, very quickly, one little stroke of my weenie and I asked her to stop.

“Are you that close?”
“Yes Mistress”
“Oh dear”
“Please Mistress will you milk me”
“Are you sure its that bad?”
“Yes Mistress your slightest touch and I will erupt and I dont want to…”
“Fetch some bits, the chains , the cuffs and the Revo then”
“Yes Mistress”

I found the chains and cuffs and placed them on the floor the revo I haded to Mistress.

“Kneel on the bed”

I knelt on the bed as requested, and soon I felt the coldness of lube before Mistress pushed her finger deep inside me.  I groaned with pleasure, it felt amazing

“Oh dear baby look at your leaky weenie”
“Yes Mistress”

Mistress continued to probe my prostrate with her finger then stopped.  The something thicker and harder pushed against my bottom. It was the revo and soon Mistress pushed it home.  Roll on your back.  I rolled on my back the revo up my bottom and Mistress slide a pair of very tigh pants up over my legs and over my bottom and then turned the revo on.  It slowly started to twist and stroke, and I started to groan and groan, each stroke I could feel.

Mistress grabbed my right arm and placed a cuff around it before chaining it the bed (I knew there was no escape) then my right leg, my left leg and my left arm.

“Mistress I shouldn’t ask but can I have something on my head so I dont have to look at the ceiling?”

Mistress gave me a look like I had asked for a million pounds, and I knew I shouldnt have done.

“You said your nose was blocked baby”
“But Mistress what about the blindfold”
“Who’s in charge?”
“Sorry Mistress”

Mistress produced her vibrating bullet and placed this down my pants touch my hard weenie and on.  I was now moving and groaning on the bed, my pants wet from the precum.   I was watching Mistress.

“Dont you watch me, you will be in trouble.”

My gaze went back to the ceiling and Mistress came back over with a pair of black knickers in her hand.

“Open your mouth”

I opened my mouth and Mistress pushed her wet draws into my mouth, they tasted wonderful.

“Are you enjoying my pee, baby”

I muffled yes Mistress and Mistress pulled down my pants slightly and started to stroke the vibrating bullet across the tip of my cock.  My body was moving and moving and moving.  I mumbled please stop which Mistress did but she just placed the bullet next to my cock and pulled my pants up.  What happened next took me by surprise.  My weenie just came, not in an a massive explosion and without that feeling that an orgasm gives but it just did, I shook my head in disappointment,  I was upset with what had happened but had felt no pleasure from it.  Mistress pulled down my pants and could see the cum and precum on my pants.

“Oh dear” she said
“Sorry Mistress” – mumbled

Mistress took the draws from my mouth.

“Do you want me to leave you like this or shall I undo you”
“Please Mistress can you undo me, I’m sorry”
“Its ok, dont be sad, I think your body just decided it need to relieve some pressure”

Mistress undid my bounds and then placed a fresh nappy on me. The nappy was locked on and away we go again.

So I am sitting writing this in a wet nappy.

I do feel different, I dont feel the urge. I am disappointed that I leaked and came, but got no pleasure from it.  So my question to myself and others is, do you think that my orgasm was ruined, do you think sometimes your body just needs to relieve the pressure.

I know for sure this is what I want, and being a baby suit Mistress and myself.   I am looking forward to bed time and teasing and milk.  I am a very lucky baby that’s for sure.

Love you Mistress Deborah xxxx

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Things are changing…

Well there has been a lot going on, and its quite wonderful but very scary for Baby 😉 Mistress Mummy and baby had a chat after Christmas and Mistress said she would like to have her playmate back sometimes and …

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Well there has been a lot going on, and its quite wonderful but very scary for Baby 😉

Mistress Mummy and baby had a chat after Christmas and Mistress said she would like to have her playmate back sometimes and not baby, so baby might be for week days and baby for evenings.

Baby was sent away and what followed was an amazing weekend of tease, bondage and orgasms.

BUT what followed then took baby totally by surprise.

It started on the 6th January in the morning when mummy woke baby and proceeded to tease him to orgasm 🙂 It was wonderful….

At bed time and Mummy decided that it was time for baby to be back, Baby was teased to distraction and his poor weenie was throbbing like nothing on earth, he was talced, a nappy pulled tight over his very hard weenie and given his milk.  Baby looked after mummy and made sure she had her orgasms, and baby got to suck on mummy’s big boobies 🙂

The following morning baby makes sure that mummy wakes properly by sucking and playing with mummys special place if she lets him.  Mummy needs to be a happy mummy 🙂

Every night that week it followed the same pattern, baby being teased and no orgasm and baby making sure that mummy was looked after.

It was quite an amazing week and baby was feeling very like baby.

Friday night arrived but this time in the evening before bed mummy decided that baby should go to sleep in his locking plastic pants.  They are very tight and secure with a padlock.  Baby was told he would have no choice but to keep them on.  They went on quite early and by bed time baby had made himself wet at least once, there is something very horny and exciting for baby to sleep in a wet nappy, the warmth the smell the fullness, it is just delicious.  So baby was not unhappy at the prospect.    Bed time came and baby looked after his mummy with orgasms and suckling and mummy gave baby another big bottle of milk.

Saturday morning came and another wee and the nappy was now no longer taking the strain, it was leaking.
Mummy decided to remove it.  Mummy got baby breakfast (baby porridge) and milk and cleaned baby up, and then locked on a fresh nappy again.  I was allowed a coffee – but it was in my baby beaker! So baby was stuck again and sent out to do some jobs. So am I out in town doing my shopping with my son, a nappy locked around my waist.   I worry how comfortable and content I feel like this – but should babies worry ? – I don’t think so – mummy knows best!

When I got home it was lunch time and mummy had warmed up two jars of baby food and a bottle of milk.  She placed my bibby on me and fed me the baby food (it’s amazing how bland baby food is – but it doesn’t stop my weenie getting very hard as mummy feeds me!).  Tea time I was allowed to eat with my fingers.

Saturday night was an intense night of teasing…..followed by milk and my nappy.

Sunday we woke up early and baby had porridge and milk and was sent off to do his jobs in his nappy for the day.  Sunday was a day that ran away with itself, and time that mummy and baby wanted to spend together never happened.  Baby was disappointment but understood.    But when night time came mummy had some ideas.

Baby was told to fetch his padded pink and blue spreading romper.  It is thick and made of PVC, blue on the outside and pink on the inside and has a very padded nappy built in that pushes babies legs apart.  There is a front zip that goes all the way to the top of the closed hood.

Mummy changed baby to a fresh nappy and teased baby to distraction, babies weenie was throbbing and mummy kept reminding baby that babies don’t come – and baby was really quite frustrated already.

She then gave baby his milk and afterward produced the bottle of cold medicine (NIGHT NURSE).  It has sedative in it to help adults sleep when full of cold.  Mummy poured a dose into the dosing and gave it to baby.  And then helped baby in the suit.  She then did the zip up to the very top and locked it…. baby was slightly panicking…

“I will leave you in there for 45 minutes baby, enjoy….”

Baby’s heart was pounding and as the minutes ticked through baby could feel himself becoming sleepier and his breathing shallower.  The suit allows some air through the zip so baby would not suffocate but it does make breathing a little more difficult.  Baby was getting really warm and was very turned on, he could not sleep and when the 45 minutes were up, mummy unlocked the zip and helped baby out of the suit..

That night baby was awoken by his throbbing weenie in his nappy.  It was really throbbing so baby cuddled up against mummy and rubbed himself on mummy (oops!)

When we woke up mummy was not cross, she thought it was sexy and funny that poor baby is so frustrated and then told baby something he was not expecting…

“How long has it been now baby since your last orgasm?”
“A week mummy”
“Thats good then baby, as I dont think your next one will be to the 28th February”
“Yes mummy”

I was not sure what to think, my weenie liked the idea and was throbbing and baby does not like to orgasm, it feels strange and takes away his feeling of submissiveness and being baby.

On Monday at work baby ordered some EMLA cream – apparently if you smear the head of your weenie with it takes all the sensitive feelings away for half hour or so, it may come in useful if mummy has needs!

Monday night was another massive teasing session of getting baby needing to come and not being allowed.  Milk at the end of the teasing session and a tight nappy is what follows…

Tuesday came and baby discovered he had nappy rash.  It was quite itchy – so he bought some cream and told mummy – she thought it was funny and told him he would now feel even more like a baby.

So Tuesday night arrived and baby was in for a bit of a shock, the blue suit was on the bed when baby came up.  Baby was edged and teased and then put in the suit with no nappy.   The suit felt amazing.  Mummy then locked it closed but this time she started pushing the fabric and rubbing it against babies weenie, the feeling was amazing.  Baby was really enjoying it.  Mummy stopped and then started pushing the fabric down tight across babies mouth and nose and cutting off babies air.  Short at first – but a little longer.  Baby started to wiggle about and panic and each time mummy released her grip.

Then she started telling baby he was a bad boy. And from nowhere baby felt his face being slapped through the fabric.  The blows came to each side, several blows and more, baby did not know what to feel.  Mummy told him he needed to be a good baby and blows kept coming.   The whole session of suffocation and blows lasted about 30 minutes and when it finished baby was glad to be out of his suit.  He was very quiet.  Mummy put some cream on his sore bottom a fresh nappy and then it was off to sleep.

Baby has an account on chastity mansion (philfred) and other members talk to him regularly. One TV called  Wendy was telling him about a couple she knew that when baby got nappy rash his partner (mummy) would do what she could to make it worse.  I was telling my mummy about this and my mummy asked me how did that make me feel  “I said it sounded a little cruel that he was suffering and it was made worse for him”

Well bed time came and baby was asked to fetch his pink dummy gag.  Mummy placed it in babies mouth and buckled it in very tight and told baby to lay on his stomach.

Mummy then started to play with babies bottom and soon had lubricated a little butt plug and pushed this into babies bottom.  She then started to smack babies bum.  Babies bum started to ache and throb, mummy carried on telling baby to be quiet and she continued to smack his bottom. And then she stopped.  Mummy pulled out the plug and pushed in the Reveo prostrate massager and turned it on, the first stroke around of that against babies prostate and oh my god, it was so intense but the feeling of pleasure was short lived as baby then felt something very very sharp rolling across his bottom.  It was the long handle pin wheel device. It is like a long handed roller but the roller is covered in very sharp spikes.  Mummy rolled this again across babies bottom. Across the sore bits and then started to roll it up babies back.  Baby was gritting his  teeth with all his mite the pain is very sharp but short lived. Down babies arms and hands and then back with more pressure across babies bum.  The reveo throbbing and now vibrating against babies prostrate and the sharp pins digging in babies flesh.   Mummy turned off the reveo and pulled it out of baby and then smacked babies bum very hard before telling baby to turn over and sit up.  Mummy removed the gag and told baby he had been very good. She played with he weenie and the urge to come was huge, control was getting difficult and then mummy said I need a wee, maybe I should smear some of that on your nice pink bottom.  Mummy told me to lay on my tummy and then smeared her wee on my sore bum.  There was a slight stinging sensation and then mummy left me for a while.  She came back and smeared some cream on my pink bottom and told me how pink it was before taping me in my nappy and giving me my milk.

We are only on the 16th January, I have another 42 nights of this to come… OMG…what happens next will be up to mummy – but baby is so in the zone.

I go to work missing my nappies. Stopped wearing them for fear of discovery but now so desperately want to be in one….

slave baby phil

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Baby’s First Christmas

Well Christmas came, baby was excited.  He knew that mummy had ordered something special.  He had been measured and the lovely lady who made it had emailed baby to say it was on its way.  She said she had wrapped …

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Well Christmas came, baby was excited.  He knew that mummy had ordered something special.  He had been measured and the lovely lady who made it had emailed baby to say it was on its way.  She said she had wrapped it up and then the parcel arrived. In November…. a long wait for baby 🙂

Christmas morning came and everyone opened there presents including Baby ..but not his special present.  He had to wait until Christmas night…and then mummy gave baby his present.  OMG – it was wonderful, a blue latex romper and bonnet.  It felt smooth to the touch and the zip had a sliding lock.   Baby knew he was in trouble .. mummy slipped the latex romper on up his body and over his shoulders.  It was a beautiful blue colour.  It felt wonderful.     Mummy told me I would get to wear it properly soon.

Baby waited to see when and one morning over Xmas mummy holidays mummy told him she had a special treat…

“Today baby you will go to nursery” Said Mistress Mummy
“Really Mummy” said baby
“Oh yes, lets get you ready” – Said Mistress Mummy

so on went a clean nappy and then the blue romper came out of the cupboard, baby stepped in and mummy slipped it up his body before pulling up the zip and locking it in place.

“I think you will need to put on big boy clothes for now ” said Mistress Mummy

So jumper and trousers went on and down to the car (SUV) we went.

“You are sitting in the back, like the baby you are today baby ” – Said Mummy

I climbed in the back, and mummy started to drive, we were not far from home..

“Baby take them big boy clothes off now, and put your bonnet on” said Mummy

I took all my outer clothes off and sat in the back of the car, in my latex romper, my bonnet and sucking my dummy.

I was concious every time that we stopped that people could see me, but I was a very happy (and horny) baby and loving every minute.

We arrived at the nursery (mummy had borrowed the keys specially) and mummy opened the front door and we walked in.  Mummy opened another door and told me…

“Your a baby you cannot walk so crawl over there and play with the toys”

I crawled over on my hand’s and knees to where the toys were and sat on my bottom (maybe a picture would help)…

I sat and played my heart racing, and then mummy told me it was time to go 🙁  I crawled out of the nursery and climbed back in the car and mummy took me home.
I had a wet nappy, and when we got home mummy ran me a bath and let me out.
It was amazing 🙂
I have been allowed to wear the outfit so far once more, it is baby’s favourite…it feels so nice, but is so scary as once it’s locked, you cannot get out ….;-)
Happy New Year 
Thanks for reading
slave baby phil

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